This website is intended for an international audience, excluding the UK, United States, Canada and France
This website is intended for an international audience, excluding the UK, United States, Canada and France

1. Personal Information Collected

Ipsen collects Personal Information when you register to follow a topic on The information collected is limited to your email address.

2. Uses of Personal Information

Ipsen shall use the Personal Information you provide to:

  • Contact you when updates are made to the content of topic you have opted to follow
  • Inform you of changes to our terms and conditions and/or privacy policy

Your Personal Information will not be sold, shared or otherwise distributed to third parties, other than those listed in section 5, without your consent, except where we are required to do so because of an applicable law, court order or governmental regulation, or if such disclosure is otherwise necessary in support of any criminal or other legal investigation or proceeding here or abroad.

3. Your Personal Information Choices

You can:

  • Review, enhance or edit your Personal Information at any time by contacting the site owners.
  • Cancel your account at any time by contacting the site owners at or by using the unsubscribe option on any previous email correspondence you received. If you would like to reactive the account at a later date, you will need to re-register.

4. Right of Access, Correction and Objection

When registering as a User, we clearly label which information is required for registration, and which information is optional and may be given at your discretion. Your Personal Information will be stored on secure servers and be maintained strictly confidential.

You have a right of access, correction and objection to the use of your Personal Information. If you wish to contact us regarding our use of your Personal Information or object to the processing of your Personal Information, please email us at you contact us, please indicate the specific information you would like us to verify, correct, update or delete and include a copy of a piece of identification (e.g., ID card, passport, driver’s license).

5. Data Recipients

Ipsen can use third parties to design, build and maintain the Website and maintain the software that manipulates the data in the Website and the database that contains the data.

There are also additional third-party service providers who host and manage the hardware environment on which the Website data is stored.  They do not have access to your data in the normal running of the service.  If there is a specific need for maintenance or troubleshooting, Ipsen as Data Controller may grant them one-off access to maintain the data.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on 4 July 2018

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