Managing your working time

Deciding whether to continue or cut back on working can depend on how you feel during and after treatment. It is important to talk to your healthcare team about what you do at work, as well as your priorities.

Like other people living with NETs, you’ll have to attend medical appointments, receive treatments, and get tests to monitor your condition.

Some people are able to adjust their work hours, or choose to work part time, or at home. Depending on your age and financial status, you may also choose to retire.

Ask your doctor if they offer any ways to reduce your travel time by using the telephone or Skype.

Do I have to tell my employer?

If you’re unsure what to do or want to review employee rights, the Americans with Disability Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can be helpful resources.

If you decide to tell your employer, talk to your doctor or multidisciplinary team beforehand. They can help let you know how much time you may need to be away from work or provide recommendations for your work schedule. It can also be good practice to take notes or keep records of your conversations with your employer.

The Cancer Support Community suggests some of the following before talking to your employer:

  • Can I complete my work functions while on treatment?
  • How would taking time away from work affect my income? If I take time away from work, will the Family and Medical Leave Act apply?
  • How much sick leave do I have?
  • Do I live in a state with state-sponsored short-term disability insurance?
  • Will I qualify for long-term Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)? If so, do I have savings to carry me through the 5-month waiting period?

If you have concerns, make sure to reach out to an employment attorney. Your local patient support group may have suggestions. A social worker or occupational therapist can also help direct you to an appropriate resource.

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