Hobbies and interests to try

Home activities

  • Take up a craft, such as knitting, crocheting, beading, or model making
  • Read some classic novels or self-help books
  • Learn to speak a new language with the help of a book, DVD, audio files or an online resource
  • Find Internet courses to learn computing skills or web design
  • Make some new music playlists, and listen to favorite songs to cheer you up

Group activities

  • Learn new skills by taking a cooking or computing class
  • Become more creative by joining arts or drama groups, or take some pottery classes
  • Join social groups, such as book clubs, knitting circles, or coffee groups
  • Keep active outside with gardening, fishing, walking or photography groups

Find the support you need

NET patient support groups

NETs Support Groups

Discover the NETs groups in your area providing emotional support.

Find Support

Living with NETs icon

Learn about NETs

Learn about carcinoid tumors, the types of NETs, and symptoms.

Learn About NETs

Find support services in your area

Find a NETs Clinic

View a list of specialist NETs clinics
and hospital units.

Find a Clinic

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